Hi. I'm Shashank Mittal, a self taught Delhi, NCR based photographer. Photography is my passion and sincerest form of expression. My goal is to show the Beauty, Grace, Strength and Enthusiasm of people. I focus on non-models & making them look and feel beautiful. i'd be honored to chat more about your precious memories, so feel free to visit my gallery or simply email me for more info. Let's work together.

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A-29, Gurunanak Pura, Modinagar, UP 
Phone: (+91) 9027927917


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1. Mood or Emotion 2. From a High Angle/Low Angle 3. A Bad Habit 4. Clouds 5. Negative Space 6. Elderly Couple Holding Hands 7. Dramatic Self Portrait 8. Sleeping Child 9. Reflection 10. Shadow 11. Silhouette 12. Water 13. Spiderweb 14. Animal 15. Historic Place 16. Favorite Color 17. Macro 18. Bokeh 19. Black & White 20. Landscape 21.